This spring, come experience Leander’s Trail of Trains by completing our NEW photo scavenger hunt. You’ll explore Leander while hunting for 8 of our uniquely decorated trains displayed throughout our community. This experience is free and available to everyone!

How to Play

First, you’ll need our Trail of Trains guide available for download below or by visiting the Leander Visitors Center for a paper copy. Come inside during regular business hours, or grab copy from our brochure center outside our front door. The guide includes a full list of all of Leander’s trains as well as clues to find the 8 trains in our scavenger hunt.

To participate, follow the clues to a train, take a photo or selfie with each train you find and be sure to include any prize you get from the business hosting the train. Then post your picture to Instagram and be sure to:

  • Mention @VisitLeanderTX
  • Mention the business or organization you visit
  • Use the hashtag #LeanderIs in your post

When you’ve found all the trains, come by the Leander Visitors Center during regular open hours to claim your final prize for completing the scavenger hunt. Happy hunting!

Fun for Leander Visitors

The Trail of Trains Photo Scavenger Hunt is available year-round and we invite all our visitors to this experience while in Leander. Following our scavenger hunt will lead visitors to all different areas of Leander to explore and you’ll leave with unique pictures from your adventure! Learn more about the area’s rich history and thriving businesses as you make your way around town searching for each train.

Planning Activities for Kids this Spring Break?

The Trail of Trains is a fun activity for all ages! It’s a perfect outing for church groups or kids camps to add to their lineup of Spring Break events, and parents and grandparents will enjoy this unique activity as well.

For kids to try out the Trail, we’re offering a special custom version of our scavenger hunt for kids available during Spring Break. Groups of all sizes are welcome, but we ask groups over 5 participants to contact us so we can plan for your visit and ensure prizes are available!

For group scheduling, contact the Visitors Center at
512-259-1907 or to schedule
and customize your hunt.

Leander Visitors Center

100 N. Brushy St.
Leander, TX 78641

(512) 259-1907

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

History of Leander and the Trail of Trains

Leander was established in 1882 on land sold by the Austin and Northwestern Railroad Co. The town was named in honor of Leander “Catfish” Brown, one of the railroad officials responsible for the completion of the line. The railroad established Leander, and today it is the only stop outside the city of Austin on the Capital Metro rail.  

To commemorate and honor both our past and future, the Leander Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center introduced the Leander Trail of Trains. We commissioned the creation of concrete trains to be displayed throughout Leander by businesses and organizations with the goal to support the community. The hosting business chooses how their train will be decorated and each is unique and trademarked.

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