Application Requirements: 

Applicants must provide the following documents for their application to be considered.

  1. HOT Fund Reimbursement Grant Application
  2. HOT Fund Reimbursement Grant Agreement Form
  3. Event or Project Marketing Plan – This should include target audience, list of media to be used, timeline and proposed event budget.

 Use of Funds:

The Texas Tax Code Chapter 351 provides a set of rules that states how HOT funds may be used. Every expenditure of hotel occupancy tax (HOT) revenue must directly enhance and promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry. Use is limited to the following:

Evaluation Criteria:

The HOT Committee will use the following categories to evaluate applications:

Program Quality30%
Does the applicant’s organization have a thorough strategic marketing plan for the event or project?
Expected Attendance
& Overnight Stays
30%How many people are expected to attend and how many of those in attendance will be staying overnight in Williamson County?
Promotion of Tourism30%Does the marketing plan for the event or project focus on an audience outside a 50 mile radius of Williamson County?
Event or Project History10%Special event or project funding may be limited to a three (3) year cap. After three (3) years of a successful event or project the applicant must show an increase in hotel stays year-to-year. If the applicant’s event or project does not increase in hotel stays it may be considered a community event and become ineligible for funding.

Award of Funding:

Upon evaluation of all applications, the HOT Committee will award funding based upon the budget. The total funds available at any given time may restrict our ability to fully fund a reimbursement grant.

Reimbursement Process:

All applicants that are awarded funding from the HOT Fund Reimbursement Grant must submit a Post Event Form before receiving reimbursement.

Failure to submit a Post Event Form will result in the ineligibility for reimbursement and future funding from the HOT Committee. The City of Leander reserves the right to decide the following:

  1. How funding will be dispersed.
  2. If partial or full awarded funding should be reimbursed based upon review of the post event form.
  3. Deny the award of the HOT Fund Reimbursement Grant if the event or project is canceled.

Once you have reviewed the guidelines, please use the HOT Funds Reimbursement Grant Application to apply.

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