Winter storms can’t stop the beauty of the 2021 Texas Hill Country wildflower season, and there couldn’t be a better time to plan your trip to Leander, Texas!

The first bluebonnets are just starting to appear on roadsides and green fields across Texas, marking the beginning of spring and arguably the most beautiful time to visit Texas. Starting in March and running through early summer, flowers cover the landscape and brighten the sky as trees and fields take on vibrant color. 

The wildflower season typically begins in March and runs through most of June, with some flowers, like the Texas thistle which starts blooming in April and can be seen all the way through August, blooming all summer long!

Texas has a long history of preserving its natural vegetation and planting wildflowers along its roads and highways, creating beautiful drives that wind through the Texas Hill Country and wineries.

FOR MORE THAN 90 YEARS, the Texas Department of Transportation has worked to conserve and preserve the state’s wildflower species. Texas was among the first states to implement a program of planting wildflower seeds along the state’s rights of way.

Texas Department of Transportation

Conveniently situated between FM 1431 and TX-29 along the Texas Department of Transportation’s recommended wildflower drive, Leander is the ideal basecamp for all your favorite wildflower day trips and evenings spent relaxing. With its own unique wineries, distilleries and breweries, you can enjoy everything the Hill Country has to offer, right in Leander.

Texas Department of Transportation Wildflower Drives – Hill Country

Some of the beautiful flowers to be on the look out for include the Indian blanket, the winecup and, of course, the state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet.

The Texas Department of Transportation has created this guide to help you identify all the gorgeous flowers you see.

No Texas wildflower trip would be complete without the iconic photo sitting amongst the bluebonnets, and with fields and parks covered in bluebonnets, you can be sure to get your perfect shot in Leander. making your plans now, and let us know your favorite flower in the comments!

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